2019   中法院校见面交流会 

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成都 Chengdu 武汉 Wuhan

Registration deadlines:
Chengdu, 28/3 & Wuhan, 31/3

Please register in order to ask for appointments with the French institutions

The concept

Since the French President M. Emmanuel Macron last year's visit to China, the French Embassy organizes every year the Sino-French Institutional Meetings with the aim of creating new cooperation opportunities between French and Chinese universities and this year marks the second edition.

French universities and schools will attend these meetings, that will take place in Chengdu on April, 1st and in Wuhan on April, 3rd 2019.

In both cities, this event will be divided into two sessions:

  • Presentation of the French Higher Education system, bilateral programs and good practices of Sino-French academic cooperation
  • 30 min meetings between French and Chinese universities to discuss cooperation opportunities
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The academic cooperation between France and China has more than a century of history. From the creation of the Franco-Chinese University of Beijing by Cai Yuanpei in 1913, to the inauguration of the Sino-French Institute of Chemistry by the French Minister of Higher Education in Beijing last month, there has been many founding moments that show the mutual confidence between France and China.

Today, the academic cooperation between our two countries shows great dynamism: France welcomes more than 37,000 Chinese students every year, while the 11,000 French students enrolled in Chinese universities are the first European student group on Chinese territory. These students are the symbol of our mutual interest for academic excellence.

The Sino-French Institutional Meetings aims at enhancing academic partnerships between France and China : I welcome all Chinese universities to take part in this event, in Chengdu on April, 1st and in Wuhan on April, 3nd.

                                                                                                                                         Robert Lacombe, Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs, French Embassy in China